Help us reach thousands of girls in 2019!

It’s time for an about-face.

We need to raise $80,000 so we can reach at least 1,100 more girls in their schools and thousands more online in 2019!

How do we make an about-face? We do it by helping teen girls make personal change, switching from thinking they are the problem — not good enough, not pretty enough, not enough — to understanding that the cultural forces coming at them every day are why they feel the way they do.

Quote bubble reading "I like how [About-Face] made me self-reflect, and also reflect on the society I'm a part of."

Then, we teach them how to make bigger cultural change by taking direct action against those forces rather than constantly fighting against and hurting their own bodies, minds, skin, hair, feelings, self-expression… everything.

To donate via check, our address is:

About-Face / 1885 Mission St. / San Francisco, CA 94103

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